Have some initial questions about Silicon Alley Sports or any one of our events?  Hopefully these Questions & Answers will help satisfy.

Q.  How do I participate?
A.  If you are a founder, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, angel investor, digital media executive or ecosystem supporter (i.e. advertising agency executive, entrepreneurial lawyer, M&A guru, etc), please reach out to us under the "Get Involved" link in the nav bar.  From there, we will be in touch.  Note, due to size constraints we cannot allow everyone who contacts us to participate.  Golf and tennis do not scale unfortunately. We give preference to entrepreneurs/founders and our founder hand picks each attendee.

Q.  Does it cost money to participate?
A.  Yes, we charge a per-event fee.  The fee is partially subsidized by our sponsors and any remaining dollars gets donated to charity.  On average, the fee is around $300 to participate in The Silicon Alley Golf Invitational and $200 for the Silicon Alley Tennis Invitational.  If you are not playing but still coming for networking and the luncheon, you still pay a nominal fee to cover food cost + donation.

Q.  What if I don't golf or play tennis, can I still come to the event?
A.  Yes, we actually named this The Steinberg for golf.  You can learn more about why on the history page.  You would generally attend our networking luncheon and awards ceremony and in previous years, access to our exclusive pre-event cocktail party.

Q.  I might want my company to sponsor the event, how do we get in touch?
A.  We'd be delighted to talk to your company but note, we try and pick companies who are relevant to the attendees.  You can get in touch with us here and learn about previous sponsors on this page.

Q.  What is the format of the events?
A.   The events change from year to year, but typically The Silicon Alley Golf Invitational follows the format of:  7:15am breakfast, 18 holes golf, luncheon, keynote, awards ceremony, and wrap-up.  We typically like to get people on the road to their families around 4/5pm.  It's a super long day.   For The Silicon Alley Tennis Invitational, we will start around 11:30 for a bbq luncheon, play tennis from 1-3:30, and have cocktails and awards from 4-6pm.

Q.  I read above that there are keynote speeches - who has spoken in the past?
A.  For the past few years, we've been experimenting with keynotes.  We've had Hugh Mcleod (Laughing Squid), Andy Dunn (Bonobos), and Doc Searls (Cluetrain Manifesto, The Intention Economy), Patrick McEnroe (former Tennis Pro, ESPN Analyst) give some inspiring talks.  If you have a speaker recommendation or would like to speak, get in contact with us.

Q.  How good is the golf competition?  Will I be able to compete?
A.   There are golfers who shoot in the 60s, 70s, and 80s... but most golfers tend to shoot in the 90s and low 100s.  Why?  Because they are busy building companies rather than playing often on the golf course.

Q.  How are foursomes created?
A.  Our founder, Darren Herman, single handedly creates every foursome, similar to how you did your wedding or bar mitzvah tables.  It's a pain in the ass but since he generally knows every player, he can mix both personalities and athletic performance.  Each foursome should have a shot at winning - we mix the good, the bad, and the ugly.  No, you cannot buy a foursome.

Q.  What is the format for tennis?
A.  We will be playing a round robin doubles format based on skill and ability.  Both women and men are encouraged to join and we will be releasing the doubles partners at the event. 

Q.  What if I cannot play on the date selected?
A.  We try to select a date for our events that least conflict with industry events.  Since we have more than 100 participants at our events, we cannot accommodate everyone.  If you cannot attend on the date, then you'll miss the event - simple.  If you'd still like to stay involved and attend the supporting events (cocktail parties, etc), you'll have that ability.  Just contact us.

Q.  I noticed I'm in a picture on this website and I'd like to be removed.  How can I do that?
A.  Send us a note.