The Silicon Alley Tennis Invitational was started in 2015 and was a hit with all players and spectators.

We pair all doubles teams and mix skills between all.  All teams created should have a decent shot at winning the tournament.  In our first year, we had two draws based on skill level.  In 2016, we did a single draw and mixed the teams as best as possible.

Each team plays 4-5 matches of 5 games each.  Players can expect to play a total of 20-25 games during the tournament.  Introduced in 2016 was a fun competitive warm up which we awarded prizes for the longest rally, fastest serve, beat the pro, and most volleys.

To participate in the Silicon Alley Tennis Invitational, players should be able to serve and keep a rally going.  We look for 2.5+ NTRP rated players with the average being around 3.0.  We have some players who are 4/4.5/5.0 but those are rare and few.