Darren Herman | Founder | @dherman76 | LinkedIn
In his spare time, Darren Herman runs Silicon Alley Sports.  As for his main job, he's an Operating Partner at Bain Capital and investor around Silicon Alley.  Herman is definitely not the best golfer at SAGI but probably has the most excitement for the love of the game.

Lara Fischer-Zernin | Operations | LinkedIn
In her spare time, Lara Fischer-Zernin runs all operations for Silicon Alley Sports.  As for her main job, she's the Chief of Staff over at Red Antler. Lara has been known to drive around SAGI in a golf cart handing out booze.

Rebecca Friedberg | Operations | LinkedIn
Rebecca has been a mainstay at Silicon Alley Sports events for the past 7 years. She’s usually the smiling face that checks all participants in upon arrival at the Silicon Alley Golf Invitational. As for her day to day, she’s a Director of Training & Technology Coach at Northwestern Mutual.

For the 2017 - 2018 season, we have introduced a formal advisory board consisting of the following active participants of Silicon Alley Sports: