The History of The Silicon Alley Golf Invitational

The first SAGI get together was back in 2004 at a small golf gathering at a local Westchester County golf club.  Four entrepreneurs got together and played 18 holes, drank cool draught beer, and chatted about the industry and life.  It was fun and we decided to do it again.

In 2005, each participant vouched for and invited an additional entrepreneur and this quietly started The Silicon Golf Invitational, or SAGI as it's been affectionately shortened.

Roughly 150 invites go out each year for participation and we get anywhere from 90-120 participants.  Foursomes are selected by Darren Herman based on golf skill, networking, and some super secret algorithm.

Over the years, we have been fortunate to play at prestigious private golf clubs such as St. Andrews, Manhattan Woods, Ardsley Country Club, Centennial, Hampshire, Elmwood, and more.

SAGI Awards are given for best team, worst team, longest drive, closest to the pin, and best dressed.

A few fun facts from SAGI:

  • Most memorable icebreaker asked at the early SAGI events:  Name your favorite porn star?
  • The "attend" but not golf ticket is called The Steinberg, affectionately named after Jon Steinberg who was the first to ask for this
  • In all of the years of SAGI, it truly only rained in 2014 - while other years gave us teases, 2014 poured.  And we still played
  • AJ Kitner is a force to be reckon with.  If you are lucky enough to be on his team, you have a decent chance of winning
  • Corduroy pants were worn on the course in 90+ degree weather by Nikhil Sethi
  • It is rumored that two digital/ad-tech acquisitions have occurred because of SAGI
  • Most attendees fib about their handicap :)
  • Hot pink pants have been worn on the course and #sagi14 has been written onto golf cleats by Lorne Brown
  • The #sagi15 winning team had two first-year SAGI participants Phil Ardizzone and Sapan Vyas
  • Stuart Coleman and Ben Kartzman were back to back SATI winners (2016 & 2017)